Monday, May 18, 2009

swap meets

so, it's spring time (thank god) and as I am cleaning and purging the kids gazillion clothes (where do they come from?) i am starting to think about where all these clothes go. some of these clothes are so cute and have only been worn a few times. like when you buy your kid winter shoes and then the day after you buy them their feet grow two sizes.

anyways, sometimes i am organized enough by season to take them to the consignment store. my favorite is kid to kid in natick. you bring your crates of clothes, they assess them and either give you cash right there or they give you a store credit which they add 10% to total. and then it's like buying free clothes! to find your local consignment store, check here. if you live outside of massachusetts, check here, and then click your state.

finding a children's consignment store these days is tricky since the CPSIA regulations are making it impossible to buy second hand children's clothes. another way to help your clothes find a second life is to go to a clothing swap. these are gaining in popularity, there are some great local swaps already set up, to find one in your area check here. but- i'm wondering if it would be way more fun to have one at your house with your friends, some wine and garbage bags full of clothes. like this lady...but instead of wine she had baked potatoes. whatever. you say potato, i say pinot grigio. at the end of the party, the organizer could take the remaining clothes and donate them to local schools or rosies place or some other fantastic charity. if anyone is interested or has any cool party ideas, please post a comment.