Monday, November 10, 2008

what's for dinner today, baby?

when my son was born 4 years ago there were two organic options, make it yourself and earth's best jar foods. as a mom who had a full time job, the "make it yourself" option was just not an option for me. i mean, really, i could barely get to work with my hair washed on most days.  don't get me wrong, earth's best jar food is great...for jar food. but the problem with jar food is that you have to cook it at such high temperatures that it loses a lot of the flavor of the food and some nutrients too. so i was happy to see that after jasper was born there were some more organic options that didn't include the jar.

the first is local boston based business, little lettice organic baby food. the founder, sara cabotis a mom of 4 who made all of her own baby food.  i am impressed. 4 kids?  homemade baby food?  this woman is like a super hero.  for reals. anyways, little lettice is available at whole foods, south end formaggio kitchen and a few other local stores. it's more expensive than the jar food for sure, but really the taste is amazing.  they have the best apples of all the options i tasted. they also had a bit more texture than their jarred counterparts. which was great for us because little jasper (remember: sensitive sally in all ways) was resistant to texture and it was a great step in the texture pyramid.  thank goodness we had early food intervention for her otherwise i wouldn't have "texture pyramid" in my lexicon.  aren't you guys lucky?

the second one i found and have enjoyed is happy baby food.  this food is delicious and is found also at whole foods in the frozen section.  the portions are small and come in ice cube like trays, so you just pop em out and defrost and serve.  brilliant.  the peas are my favorite for sure.  they have a hint of mint.  yum!  the foods come in 3 different options; purees, smooth + sorta chunky.  

what's great about both options is the flavor.  i really can't say it enough, the flavor of the fresh frozen food vs. the jar food is incredible.  go ahead, i know you are dying to taste your baby's food.


Annmarie said...

A -

I finally had a chance to check your blog. I barely have time for anything but I told myself that I had to check your toby+rei - wow, I have been so amazed with your creativity!

I have been making foods for Keegan and Amber Rane but I am not sure if I'd have time when my mom leaves (this wed). Ahem. I have been trying to make them on every sunday and freeze some for the rest of week. Let's see about that. If not, I might buy based on your recommendations.

Good luck with your business. It seems to me that you have done so well!


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