Monday, June 1, 2009

shop local

you know how you hear all the time "shop local". and you think great, i'd love to! but where how? and then you just go to target like you always do...mostly because you are so tired and your car just drives itself there? well fear not my tired friends, i'm here to tell you about an awesome local event called mommies who shop. mommies who shop is a night out for us moms to meet the girls and have a few glasses of wine while at the same time finding some great local artisans who make super cute stuff for our kids! there is always a spa there so you can be pampered while you shop. what's better than that?

toby + rei shows at all the mommies who shop events because we love meeting all these super hip moms and hearing them ooh and aaah over our stuff, but also to find great stuff for our own kids. the next show is in weston, ma on June 10th from 6-10pm at Regis College, 235 wellesley street. get directions here.

some of my favorite events partners are:

1. hoosier magnolia - looking for some baby gifts? nothing says summer like the backlog of baby gifts you need to buy and hoosier magnolia is just the place to stock up! i especially love her beautiful and unique mobiles (shown above), because as you all know i love birds. michelle, the owner/designer, is so nice and wonderfully creative and i get so many compliments when my kids wear her clothing. check out the beautiful hand sewn giraffe dress on jasper above.

2. sheabella tutus - i mean really? 2 nice ladies from brunswick, maine? cute tutus? whats better? if you have a girl in your life, you must buy her one of these fantastic homemade tutus. and then let her run free into the woods with her friends. run free little ballerinas, run free!

3. zooguu - these are the cutest little plush toys ever. so unexpected and different. i love them. how cute is this little bird? i know, i know again with the birds, but they have tons of different animals trust me.

tickets are $15.00 if you pre buy them on line and if you buy 5 tickets, the 6th one is free. so see you there!


Jen (zooguu) said...

Thanks for mentioning Zooguu! I'm excited about this upcoming event - I look forward to meeting you.

Kristen said...

I will be a first time vendor there and can't wait to meet everyone else!

check out my etsy shop for a sneak peek of the goodies I will be bringing

see you Wed!!!

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