Sunday, January 18, 2009

watch out!

as kate browning always says, watch out! toby + rei hits the big time with our tees in the garnet hill catalog, "growing up garnet hill".  introducing the next generation of the robot tee, he is dip dyed (think tie dyed, but you actually dip the tees into a vat of dye) and printed in bright orange.  i think he is the best one yet.  he comes in size 2, 4 and 6.  size up though, the tees run a tad small.  

if you don't receive this catalog, it is super cute and i am loving all the girls bathing suits.  it makes it feel like it's maybe not 12 degrees and snowing here.  a little breath of spring air.  big sign.  

anyways, buy our robot tee through garnet hill here and we will love it when they sell out and we can be all like, really?  who knew?


Anonymous said...

Great site you guys! congrats on garnet hill, what a cute tee.
xo brita

Masud Khan said...
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