Wednesday, January 23, 2008

i hate non-fiction

so, just to be up front; i hate non fiction. i love all things fiction, sometimes classics, sometimes chick name it i've read it. unless, of course, it's you know, about REAL stuff. bo-ring. so when my friend renee recommended animal, vegetable, miracle by barbara kingsolver i was not overly keen. true, i did LOVE the poisonwood bible and prodigal summer. she is a fantastic FICTION writer. and anyways, hadn't i just slogged through the onmivores dilemma and was still feeling guilty every time i thought about pulling into wendy's for a spicy chicken sandwich? yes, fantastic book, yes, i totally get it, cafo's = bad, free range = good. did i really need to read another book?

so the story is this: barbara kingsolver and her family move to a farm in appalachia and eat only food that is in season and grown locally, the majority coming from their own farm. totally preachy, right? but i thought, ok babs, bring it on.

and guess what readers (reader?), i loved it. i am not kidding. the book is full of fascinating facts about heirloom fruits and vegetables, organic vs. local farming, locavores and how to store food for winter months so you don't get botulism. she makes her own cheese for crying out loud and somehow makes it seem cool and not something that just amish people do.

she includes all the recipes she has described in each chapter so you can make them yourself. it's inspired me to actually cook and to eat root vegetables. im telling you this book IS a miracle, because i'll tell you i've never even considered buying a turnip before. which turns out to be a lot like a carrot. and they're yummy. who knew?

pick up her book, or get it a the library. it's worth a read. you may be saying to yourself, what's this kooky book have to do with this eco friendly blog? and i say, what's greener than eating food that wasn't shipped from guatemala?

find local farmers markets

find local CSA's (community sponsored agriculture)

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