Tuesday, January 29, 2008

i heart organic dolls

i know what you're thinking, organic dolls? who needs that? i totally thought so until i saw my 6 week old eating her blanket doll. i mean she really had most of it in her mouth sucking away. poor thing, it had been a while since i had paid attention to her. must read my blogs, you know how that goes. but it got me thinking...what's in there? i think all these dolls are filled with 'poly fil'? what IS that stuff? it's like when you read the ingredients list to a milky way and you can't identify any of the ingredients as actual food.

anyways, you know me, i love a beautiful product, but when i find a beautiful product, that is organic AND has a great story, i feel like i won the lottery. and of course, i must share.

i saw this line at pod in brookline and totally fell in love. it's called noonoo design and they are based in england. this company is just about everything that i want toby + rei to be. in a nutshell, they make these amazing felted cotton 'comfort blankets' and 3d plush toys in alpaca wool or bamboo/organic cotton. the designs are so original and so kid-like and modern i can't stand it. their story is this, they were making these things basically in their garage and the demand was so high, they built a small factory in vietnam that they totally control. talk about fair trade, they hired an in house chef to prepare healthy lunches and the workers have a mandatory one hour lunch break to socialize. i love it.

see the bunny at the top of the post? i saw these cutie patootie dolls at nest by swanky maternity in portsmouth, nh and pure in newburyport, ma. the company is called miYim and they are dedicated to creating the most organic and safest dolls out there. they use only all natural dyes so each doll is a slightly different color.

i also found this doll on my of my favorite mom blogs cool mom picks. the company is called kaloo and the dolls are super super soft and cuddly and all organic. it comes in the cutest round hat box that is made of 100% recycled paper. it's pretty expensive for a doll, $50.00. but i'm tellin' ya, it's real soft, and safe - what's better than that?

look for an organic robot doll from toby + rei's spring 08 line. he's super cute and comes with a receiving blanket. he's under wraps for the moment...stay tuned!

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Mary-Laure said...

Oh dear when I see all this super adorable stuff I just feel like having a baby just to be able to get such little gems...