Tuesday, January 22, 2008

what's a blog?

ok, so a year ago i had to ask my husband (hereafter referred to only as "bob") "what's a blog"? and he looked at me, as only someone who has been married to me for 6 years and knowing just how clueless i really am can look and said (patiently as though speaking to a small child) "it's a web log, like an online journal." to which i said "who has time for that? to read AND to maintain. also, who cares what you ate for lunch?" ok, i stole that last bit, but i think it adds a little something and i always say never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

anyways, i digress.

oh yeah, blogs....it turns out that once you start reading blogs, it turns into a weird obsession. you find your favorites, you read them every day, you develop some weird relationship with the blogger and the next thing you know you are setting up a reader to consolidate your blog reading. its CRAZYTOWN and you are the mayor.

that being said, i have decided to start my own here at toby + rei dedicated to posting things i find in my travels in the eco-friendly realm. all who know me know that i love to talk about myself and think that everything i do is fantastic and everything that everyone else does is wrong (unless of course they do what i do, then its ok). so im the perfect blogger really.

i am constantly on-line researching environmentally friendly products and services. these i would like to pass along to you, my reader (ok, probably just bob and my friend dana who is as blog-obsessed as i am) so that you don't have to spend as much time on line as i do. because let's face it, you are busy with your job and family and who has time to be green anyways? my goal with this blog is to provide small tips on how to be more green and finding cool products all at the same time. i look forward to writing this blog and hope that you find it useful. or at least entertaining.

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