Tuesday, April 15, 2008

the straight poop part 2

for all of you folks who are thinking of cloth diapers, but then you go on line and they all seem so expensive and what if you pick the wrong one and you end up with 300.00 worth of unusable bamboo/organic cotton diaper outers and inners? and who knows what they feel like because you can't just go to your local babies r us and check them all out. right? so, if you are local i have a great resource for you- diaper lab in somerville.

diaper lab is owned by a woman named salina and her husband ryan. so so so nice. you make an appointment at their somerville home and they have all the lines of cloth diapers you can think of. salina runs you through the options and you choose the right one for you based on your own needs. she even counsels you on how many to buy, so you don't end up up with too many or not enough. hooray for salina and diaper lab! hooray!


the mama bird diaries said...

now i want to liver in somerville.

Because I've wanted to switch to cloth diapers for so long but then I go online and get completely overwhelmed.

Sounds like a great service.

hamptonmama said...

ugh! wish i had a service like that here- would have saved me HOURS of on-line research. what a fabulous idea

alanna said...

honestly everyone wants to live in somerville now because it's so artsy and there are no yuppies (yet). but yes, it is a brilliant idea and they are such nice people. send all new mamas and papas their way!

Masud Khan said...

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