Friday, April 25, 2008

it's a blog, blog world

it's always an adventure here at toby + rei but this week we had some really good news and good press! the good news is we were accepted into the bubble kids trade show in nyc in august. we are totally psyched, it's pretty hard to get into and we (i, kate was absolutely sure we would!) were not expecting to go this year, so hooray for us!

we have also gotten some awesome shout outs this week from some of my favorite bloggers. it's always so great to be recognized by these ladies, they are truly some tough customers!

check out the post from Kelcey at mamabirddiaries about great mother's day gifts. kelcey is a new york city mama whose adventures with her 2 kids in nyc are literally laugh out loud funny. i love her, really check out her blog, you will not be sorry. if you are interested in buying a delicious bamboo/organic cotton fleece robe for your mama or want one for yourself they are back in stock finally and available here.

we also had a really nice review written about us at reallynatural. we had to submit items to them and then they check us all out, wash our stuff, see how it holds up and then they post a review.

and perhaps the coolest post for you my reader is the giveaway on designmom today for a toby + rei new baby gift set. it's a blanket, onesie and hat of your choice. just post a comment and be entered to win. if you do not read this amazing blog every day, you must. gabrielle has such incredible taste and always posts about cool stuff you and i just can't find on our own. she also has really cool craft projects to do with your kids that aren't hokey. i like that. i hate hokey.

also look for more giveaways and reviews on eco childs play next week and green mom finds in early may. we are also hopefully going to be part of a boston globe article about local green companies. it will be in the style section, keep your fingers crossed and eyes peeled.

happy spring!!


Jill said...

congrats on all the good press! way to go!!

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