Tuesday, April 22, 2008

i covet thee

i know it's wrong to covet, isn't it one of the 7 deadly sins or something? i think brad pitt and morgan freeman were in a movie about it, or was it envy? i guess it's the same thing though really.

anyways, for earth day i had to post about my favorite line of eco friendly clothing for chicks. it's called covet and it's so not hemp people. those who know me know that i am a sucker for anything that is somehow a sweatshirt but doesn't look like a sweatshirt. i mean seriously, how much do i need to own this top? it will be mine....

all of covet's clothing is made from organic cotton or sustainable fabrics like soybean and bamboo. plus they are totally adorable. and not outrageously expensive. hooray! you can buy covet locally at envi on newbury street or online at urban outfitters. happy earth day friends!

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